Tainaro Sailing Adventures

From as far as the coasts of Crete, rolling waves arrive on the opposite side, the Laconian Gulf, caressing the coasts of Cythera and Elafonissos and ending on the southernmost tip of the European continent, Cape Tainaro.

It is here where two seas, the Laconian and Messinian gulfs,
mingle in never-ending waves.

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Endowed with the ancient traditions and modern legends, Cape Tainaro was chosen as the name for a new company in the field of maritime tourism. After many years of successful sailboat racing, traveling, as well as boat building, we decided to get involved in maritime tourism.

Tainaro Sailing Adventures was established.

The treasures of the sea, the fascination of the underwater world and the tranquility of the water are incorporated in an exclusive touring program. We offer a collection of unique experiences, by highlighting selected points of the southern Peloponnese. Sailing here, next to ancient ports and sites of historical importance, acquires a mythical dimension and reminds trips of the ancient seagoing ships carrying culture among the lands.

Our targets include:

  • High quality sailboat chartering services
  • Design and execution of sea excursions and travels in not so commercialized destinations offering, however, high travel and naturalistic value
  • Travel design and execution in nearby countries, thus combining sailing with classic tourism abroad.

Yacht charters in Greece

Cape Tainaro being our logo, we cast off to travel our senses under the bright blue Greek sky
and the deep blue seas.

Travel our website. We are at your disposal for any further information.

Nikos I. Vouloumanos